Dr. Nancy Amendt-Lyon

Gestalt therapy & Supervision

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a method of treatment that helps individuals in difficult life situations or crises that they cannot overcome by themselves.

Perceiving clients in every aspect of their lives is one of the tasks that psychotherapists strive to accomplish. Together, client and therapist address the client’s life experiences, important relationships, the current burdensome circumstances, the situation at work, the social environment, and the society in which they live. Psychotherapy requires the client to actively engage in the process with the therapist. Consequently, psychotherapy cannot be compared to the treatment one receives from a physician.


The preconditions for successful psychotherapy include the clients’ motivation to speak openly with the therapist about their feelings and experiences, as well as the clients’ willingness to deal with their conflicts. Together, therapist and client explore new and more appropriate patterns of behavior. Psychotherapy can be conducted with individuals and couples, or in groups. Everything that is discussed during therapy sessions remains strictly confidential and is not discussed with others.

When Can Psychotherapy Help?

If one or more of the following statements applies to you, then it would be advisable to seek help from a professional psychotherapist.

  • I often feel sick, even though my doctor says there is nothing wrong with me and the medical findings don’t indicate any illness.
  • I suffer from anxieties that burden me and restrict my lifestyle.
  • I’m afraid of the people with whom I have important relationships, such as my boss, and am also afraid of examinations, confined spaces, flying, etc.
  • Occasionally, I have heart palpitations and the feeling that I’m losing the ground under my feet, or that I’m about to die.
  • I often lack drive and feel exhausted. I constantly have a sense of being unable to cope and can’t resolve the situation I’m in.
  • My vitality and spontaneity have disappeared and I’m depressed.
  • There have been radical changes in my life. I’m under tremendous pressure because of: unemployment, separation or divorce, financial debt, serious illness, or death of an important loved one, etc.
  • Lately I have been thinking about suicide.
  • When I cut or burn myself on purpose, I feel relieved afterwards.
  • My relationship to my life companion is weighing me down.
  • I have recurrent problems with others at my workplace, which puts me under great stress.
  • There are certain feelings that overpower me and I never discuss with anyone else, for example shame, hate, guilt, or the sense of being observed or followed by someone else.
  • I’m confused about my sexuality.
  • I’m afraid that I am addicted to: alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, love, gambling, the internet.
  • I’m afraid of making decisions because I might choose the wrong alternative.
  • I would like to tap my full potential but am clueless about where to begin.
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